Part of Potiguar gastronomy since 1989

On July 5 th , 1989, Camarões opened its doors for the first time. It started small with only 12 tables,
but today about 3 thousand people eat lunch or dinner every day in our units.


Building a dream

Beginning the construction of Camarões Restaurante in the (at that time) remote neighborhood of Ponta Negra.

The beginning of everything

Inauguration of Camarões Restaurant. A milestone in the history of Potiguar gastronomy.



Camarões in the mall

Camarões Express opens its doors at the newly opened Natal Shopping. At lunch, a self-service buffet; at dinner, an a la carte menu that has changed a lot since the early years.


Widening horizons

Camarões Restaurante has its structure duplicated. Even with its renovation underway, the restaurant only closed its doors one single day.

The first award we never forget

Camarões receives its first Top Natal award, promoted by the newspaper Tribuna do Norte. Until today, Camarões is still ranked first among all the restaurants in Natal in all editions.



The family grows

Beginning of the construction of Camarões Potiguar, a more regional style to delight the tourists who visit the city throughout the whole year.

Pride of being Potiguar

With a unique conceptual architecture, grandiose structure and enchanting gastronomy, Camarões Potiguar is born, 400 meters away from Camarões Restaurante.



Camarões Restaurante: Tradition to be renewed

The Camarões Restaurante, located on Av. Engineer Roberto Freire, was where it all began. In 2006, it gained a new look, changing its facade and color.

Camarões Express changes its appearance

Consolidated in the food court of Natal Shopping, Camarões Express is also renewed and modernized.



Another shopping mall

Camarões is invited to integrate the new gourmet area of Shopping Midway Mall, an absolute success in Natal.

Flavor on the third floor

Midway Mall goers have a brand new Camarões, just as the “Natalenses” had been longing for.



New reception, new facade

Camarões Potiguar expands its facade and increases the reception area, bringing more comfort to waiting customers.

A “new” new Express

The already traditional self-service unit of Natal Shopping moves to a new space, doubles the size of its structure, increases the variety in its lunch buffet and brings the most requested dishes of the Ponta Negra restaurants to its a la carte dinner menu.


Same group, new restaurant: Caicoense

Taking place of the area where Camarões Express worked for years, Caicoense is inaugurated. A self-service restaurant that honors the best of the regional cuisine of the Seridó (interior region of Rio Grande do Norte), the cultural roots of our founders.



Always improving for you

Once again, Camarões Restaurante, the first of all, is renovated to give even more comfort and convenience to customers.

Tribute to our founder

In April 2015, the street that houses the first address of Camarões is named after Fernando de Medeiros Santos, a reverence to our founder, who died in January 2014.



National recognition

Once more on the select list of the most beloved restaurants by travelers from all over Brazil, Camarões this time receives two units among the Top 10 on TripAdvisor.